Vlad Kowsky: a God-level Copywriter


If you're here, one of my clients must have leaked my name.
So you must know I'm considered a copywriting god by my pairs.

I've spent decades perfecting the art of putting words on a white page.
And I'm still surprised as I was on the first day how powerful they are.
And how similar people's brains are.
And how greedy and self-centered we all are.
And I'm not different.

If you wanna offer yourself my services, my current rate is:

(Don't contact me to negotiate my rates down, I will blacklist you)

What I always promise my clients:
I'll make you back 10 times your initial investment.
No exception.

If you're a second-zone player, I'm not the best fit to work with you.

However I've recently been working on a more affordable offer.
I'm teaching copywriting to a few junior copywriters so they can do job for me without hurting my reputation.

Here is the cheap offer:

At this price you must know I won't personally write the copy.
I will assign it to one of my students.
I will only review it before he returns it to you (and if you're lucky I will help him during the brainstorming session).

If you're a third-zone player, I have no offer for you.
You can go check out upwork of fiverr.


Vlad Kowsky